Simply Beautiful : Skincare with food

Sometimes the right thing to do when it comes to health and well-being cannot be explained, but rather, felt.

This is why I look to nature for guidance, because the force that drives all life drives us humans and seeks not only to sustain life, but flourish in existence.

What Simply Beautiful gives you:

  • Natural cleansers for beautiful skin
  • Natural make-up remover recipes
  • Natural hair cleansing techniques for silky hair
  • How to make your own 100% natural facial scrubs & moisturisers for radiant glow
  • Full video demonstrations of how to create and apply
  • Whole body scrubs, cleansers & moisturisers

Simply Beautiful : Skincare with food Simply Beautiful : Skincare with food Reviewed by Ryosuke Takahashi on April 08, 2013 Rating: 5

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